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Simplify your video streaming workflow with a guaranteed impenetrable connection you can trust. Deliver your video content at the highest quality to remote locations through your existing internet connection. Even through unforeseen interruptions, Stream Monkey ensures its delivery.

Stream to multisite venues.

Connect is Stream Monkey’s solution for streaming to Multisite venues. We utilize hardware encoding, decoding, and playback. The reason we provide this solution is to implement and maintain the highest quality video, guarantee its delivery, and prepare the user with a simple workflow for recurring operation.

Implement and maintain the highest quality video, guarantee it’s delivery, and prepare the viewer with a simple workflow for recurring operation. This service allows for up to 1080p 60 HD-SDI video input and up to 1080p 60 HD-SDI output. It is also very flexible and can handle multiple needs like closed captioning, multiple channels of audio, DVR/DDR playback, multicast delivery, and much more.

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The Stream Monkey solution provides affordable hardware that is easy to use. An operator can access the system through remote connections making support fast and easy.
 This consists of the latest technology and is designed for integrating with your current video signal flow. Connect from anywhere to remotely access your streaming hardware.
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